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Your physician has ordered a Maintenance Wakefulness Test. The purpose of this test is to objectively measure daytime alertness. This test may be done in conjunction with an overnight sleep study (PSG).

What to Expect During the Test

The MWT consists of four sleep trials with breaks lasting for two hours in between them. The first sleep trial is performed between 1.5 and three hours after your normal wake-up time. Typically, the first trial starts at approximately 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. You should have a light breakfast at least one hour before the first trial. For each trial you will sit up in chair with your back and head supported by a pillow. It is important that you are as comfortable as you can be and try to stay awake for as long as you can. You are not allowed to engage in behaviors to keep yourself stimulated. This includes actions like singing or "slapping your face". If you fall asleep a technician will wake you up after 90 seconds. The trial will end if you are able to stay awake for 40 minutes. Between trials, you will have to stay out of bed and occupy yourself so that you remain awake. You will not be permitted to nap in between trials. You are advised to bring a lunch as you will be here through the afternoon.

After the Test

Following the completion of test, the technician will remove all sensors and electrodes and you will be able to shower and get dressed. There will be a short questionnaire and survey for you to fill out before you leave. Per sleep center protocol, the technologist is not permitted to discuss the findings of the study with you; the results will be available after the study has been interpreted by one of our board certified sleep specialists.