Video EEG monitoring (VEEG)

What is Video EEG Monitoring?

An EEG (electroencephalogram) is an examination of the patient’s brainwave patterns used primarily for the diagnosis of seizure disorders, or abnormal electrical brain activity. If your physician has ordered a video EEG examination, you likely have already had either a routine or ambulatory EEG.  During this procedure, the EEG is recorded over several hours, accompanied by continuous closed-circuit video observation. The digitized EEG and video simultaneously record behavior and brainwaves to compare and correlate these behavioral events with any accompanying electrographic changes. This will help your physician make a diagnosis.

Electrode Application

EEG electrodes will be attached to your head with a combination of different types of paste that will wash out with regular shampoo. In some cases, special glue will be used to attach some of the electrodes for the study. The electrodes may cause some itching, but try not to scratch your head. After attaching the electrodes, the technologist will wrap your head in lightweight gauze to further secure the wires.  For best video EEG results, shampoo your hair the night before the examination, and refrain from using any hair products on the day of the examination. Remove any braids or hair extensions, as this will facilitate comfortable and optimal placement of the electrodes.

The Sleep Center Room

You will be assigned to a comfortable, private room in our sleep center.  An intercom system will allow for communication between you and your technologist during the examination.  Every effort is made to make your stay as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.  When you are at high risk for seizures, our trained technologist remains nearby for your safety.  You will be able to use the bathroom in privacy, and no video would be recorded while in the bathroom. The technologist will not enter the bathroom unless there is an emergency.

Special Accommodations

Please let our staff know if you need special accommodations; the room is ADA compliant. A family member or caregiver must be present if you require special assistance with feeding, restrooms, medications or lifting. There is a day room available for caregivers to remain in the center during the examination.

Points to Keep in Mind

Advanced notice is REQUIRED for cancellation due to the comprehensive nature of the examination. The deadline for cancellation is two FULL business days in advance of your appointment or a late cancellation fee of $250 will be assessed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The technician will contact you 2 days prior to your appointment to confirm all of the details.

  • The examination can last up to 8 hours. Be prepeared to remain in the facility for most of the day. 
  • Do not change your medication routine unless specifically instructed by your physician and bring your medications with you. 
  • You may bring electronic devices, books, or laptop with a charger during the exam. You should bring your lunch.  Friends and family members may bring outside food for you to eat.  You may not eat potato chips or other crunchy snacks, or chew gum, as excess chewing will interfere with the EEG. You will not be allowed to smoke or vape at any time during the examination.
  • You should bring comfortable clothing to wear while in the sleep center.  Most patients wear street clothes, sweat suits or pajamas with warm socks during the day.  Remember that the tops should button down the front and be loose-fitting.  You will not be able to use a blanket, even during sleep, because this impedes the viewing of your movements. Tight-fitting sleeves and pullover tops will not be permitted.
  • We are located several blocks from the Bethesda Metro Station. Parking is available in the garage next to the building. The garage accepts cash only and The Sleep Center does not pay for parking or arrange for transportation.
  • The Emergency Contact number for patient on the day or morning of the test is 301-654-1500.