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The neuropsychological evaluation is used to understand how your "thinking skills" are operating, including memory, language, concentration, visual perception and problem-solving.

If you wear glasses or use hearing aids, be sure to bring them with you to the visit.

The neuropsychological evaluation clarifies the aftereffects of head injury, stroke, illnesses, memory problems and other cognitive concerns. This test helps to measure how well a person's brain is working. The abilities tested include reading, language usage, attention, learning, processing speed, reasoning, remembering, problem-solving, mood and personality.

The evaluation consists of several tasks. Some of these are paper and pencil tests and questionnaires; others are more like games or puzzles. Many patients find them fun and challenging.

This evaluation can last up to four hours, sometimes longer depending on the type of evaluation. Please don't schedule other appointments too closely. You may take breaks as needed.

Many insurance companies cover all parts of the testing – check with your insurance carrier for further information. Some insurance carriers require prior authorization, and some require a written referral from your primary care physician.

Please call the clinic at 301-562-7200 if you have questions or need to reschedule. Please provide us with a minimum 24-hour notice as we have a late cancellation/no show fee of $250.00.