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EMG/NCS studies are used to diagnose disorders of nerves and muscles and to help evaluate the nerve function. You were ordered an EMG because you have numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, or muscle cramping. The results from this test will help the doctor with your diagnosis and treatment. The testing is performed in two parts. The first part is the nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test, which evaluates the health of the peripheral nerve by recording how fast an electrical impulse travels through it. This involves electrical stimulation of the nerves in the arm and/or leg and it is done by a certified technician. When your nerves are stimulated, you will experience an electrical sensation in the arm or leg being tested. Please do not use lotion on your skin before the test.

The second part is the muscle response test (EMG), which requires the insertion of a fine needle into different muscles. This part of the study analyzes the electrical firing patters of various muscles which will be displayed on a computer screen and is performed by a trained Neurologist.

Repetitive Stimulation or Jolly Test:

The Repetitive Stimulation examination is a specialized nerve conduction study that is usually performed in conjunction with a routine EMG. During this portion of the exam, electrical impulses are administered in rapid succession to determine the ability of the nerve to maintain a consistent response to the stimulus. Usually, several nerves are tested to determine how well they are functioning.

In total, it takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Please call the clinic at 301-562-7200 if you have questions or need to reschedule. Please provide us with a minimum 24-hour notice as we have a late cancellation/no show fee of $150.