About the Tests

Doctors are able to evaluate the function of the peripheral nervous system including the nerves and muscles by a test that consists of two parts, called the nerve conduction study (NCS) and the electromyogram (EMG). In all, you should be at our clinic for approximately one and a half to two hours.

Part I - The Nerve Conduction Study

During this portion, electrical impulses are employed to stimulate various nerves to determine how well they are working. A technician or technologist does the nerve conduction study. Prior to the test the skin over the area to be stimulated may be cleansed with alcohol and surface electrodes are applied. Please do not use lotion on your skin before the test. When your nerves are stimulated, you will experience an electrical sensation in the arm or leg being tested. Many people get used to the sensations to some degree as the testing continues.

Part II - The Electromyographic Examination

A small needle is inserted into various muscles by one of the neurologists for a detailed study of the electrical activity of each muscle tested.

Please feel free to ask the technician questions at any time during the test. Your doctor will tell you how to obtain your test results.