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Eric Jeffries MDDr. Eric Jeffries was born and raised in west Baltimore.  His college years were spent at Johns Hopkins and he received his medical degree from Howard University School of Medicine.  He completed his neurology residency in Boston, at Tufts, and two fellowships (in neurophysiology and epilepsy) at the University of Maryland, back in Baltimore. The Neurology Center was his first “real” job and he hopes it’s his last.  

Dr. Jeffries has been recognized as a top neurologist on numerous occasions, in Washingtonian Magazine and Washington Checkbook, and, in 2024, he was elected a Fellow of The American Academy of Neurology. He treats all types of neurologic disease, though, if cornered, he would admit a special interest in epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.  He would prefer not to be cornered but he would also admit a love of music, art and games, hiking and kayaking, and his primary hobby is photography.