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Your physician has ordered a Multiple Sleep Latency test (MSLT). The purpose of this test is to quantify the degree of daytime sleepiness that you may be experiencing. This test is usually done in conjunction with an overnight sleep study (polysomnogram) and is used to evaluate for narcolepsy.

What to Expect

This study consists of a series of short (20 minute) daytime naps. There will be at least 4 naps with the possibility of a fifth nap. The last nap may start as late as 3:00 p.m., therefore we advise you to bring lunch as you will be at the sleep center through the afternoon. We will provide you with a comfortable room and there is also a patient lounge with a refrigerator and microwave for your convenience. You will be able to move about the center to stretch your legs between naps.

After the Test

Following the completion of the test, the technician will remove the sensors/electrodes. You can then shower and get dressed. There will be a short questionnaire and survey for you to fill out before you leave. Per sleep center protocol, the technologist is not permitted to discuss the findings of the study with you; the results will be available after the study has been interpreted by one of our board certified sleep physicians.

Please inform our staff of any special needs and we will do our best to accommodate you.