Vaccination Info

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We hope you are staying safe and healthy. In order to maintain your safety, we have put the following policies in place:

MASKS: All patients and visitors are required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth during their visit. Our staff and providers wear masks at all times.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: We have reduced the number of seats in our waiting rooms and distanced them from each other. We have staggered arrival times reducing the number of people waiting at any given time.

TEMPERATURE CHECK: Visitor's temperatures will be taken at check in with our infrared thermometer.

SANITATION PROTOCOLS: Cleaning and sanitation protocols for all patient contact areas have been put in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

COVID SCREENING: Pre-screening questions for COVID and relevant symptoms will be discussed during phone calls and at the time of scheduling.

NO ADDITIONAL VISITORS: Unless there is a medical necessity to have a caregiver or family member accompany the patient in the office, please do not bring additional visitors.

EXPEDITING YOUR VISIT: We will attempt to limit your time in the office for your safety. Use our Patient Portal to submit your paperwork in advance of your visit.

TELEHEALTH APPOINTMENTS: ALL Neurology Center physicians and PAs offer telehealth visits using Zoom allowing you access to your provider "virtually" from home.

The Neurology Center

Vaccination Information

Although current vaccination guidelines include patients with qualified illnesses, among which are “neurological conditions”, migraines, neuropathy, controlled epilepsy, neck and back/pinched nerve issues and other non-life-threatening conditions are not diagnoses that put you at risk for COVID or bad outcomes like ICU admission or death, and therefore, do not qualify you for the vaccine just yet.

Conditions that affect cardiopulmonary reserve, immune response and/or ability to fight COVID or that increase risk for serious morbidity or death that qualify include: stroke, debilitating multiple sclerosis, serious neuromuscular disease, neurologic cancers, and Parkinson’s.  If you are mandated to provide professional verification of same, we  will be happy to document your diagnosis should the latter apply and send that to you.

Otherwise, hang in there.  We want everyone who wants the vaccine to get it as soon as possible under the established triage protocols. They are starting to get the hang of this and becoming more organized with making vaccinations available.

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

  • The physicians of The Neurology Center encourage our patients to get vaccinated when eligible.
  • Please note that we are not able to provide COVID-19 vaccine in our clinics.
  • Use the information below to find a local vaccination site for Virginia, D.C., and Maryland.


All Virginia residents

Alexandria residents

Arlington County residents
Arlington COVID Information line: (703)228-7999

Fairfax County residents
Fairfax Health Department Vaccine Hotline: (703)324-7404


All Washington D.C. residents
D.C. Dept. of Health COVID-19 Hotline: (855)363-0333


Any Maryland residents

Montgomery County residents

Prince Georges County residents

You may also send a text message to 898211 with the phrase "MDReady" to receive notifications about vaccine distribution in Maryland.