Neuropsychological Testing

The neuropsychological evaluation is used to understand how your "thinking skills" are operating including memory, concentration, visual perception and problem-solving.

The neuropsychological evaluation is helpful in understanding the after effects of head injury, stroke and certain illnesses, and can help diagnose attention and learning disorders. It helps identify ways in which you can strengthen weak thinking skills, and it can explore the contribution of tension or stress to memory or concentration problems. The goal of the evaluation is to provide you and your doctor with information that can be used to help identify the cause of your cognitive problems and determine the best course of treatment for these issues.

The evaluation consists of several short tasks. Some of these are paper and pencil tests and questionnaires; others are more like games or puzzles. Many patients find them fun and challenging.

An evaluation generally takes about two hours or less. You may take breaks as needed. Generally the procedures move quickly and patients do not usually find them too tiring.

Many insurance companies cover all or parts of the testing; check with your insurance carrier for further information. The procedure code is 96118. Some companies require a written referral from your primary care physician.

These services are currently offered at our Chevy Chase, Providence, Rockville and Wheaton offices by Linda Sapin, Ph.D.Melissa Carswell, Psy.D.Anne C. Newman, Ph.D., Jesse G. Brand, Ph.DXi Besha, Ph.D. and Shawn S. Nelson Scmitt, Ph.D

Related Tests

Although there is no one test that will diagnose multiple sclerosis, we may run the following tests during your visit:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Spinal Tap
  • Evoked Potential Test - This test measures activity in the brain.

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