Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Can I have a test on the same day that I have my appointment with the neurologist?

    Generally, diagnostic testing is scheduled separately from your office visit. Some of the diagnostic tests involve both the physician and the assistance of a technician, and quite often same day testing is difficult to schedule. However, depending upon the modality of the test your doctor ordered, we will always offer a same-day opening to a patient when feasible.

  2. 2. Do You Charge a Fee for Form Completion?

    Yes. We recognize that from time to time you may need to have a medical form completed by your physician. Our fee for this service varies depending on the number of pages that need to be completed and the amount of time spent filling out your form. To ensure we are able to meet any deadlines you are encountering please make sure you provide us with ample time to complete forms. Depending on the information needed, it may take several days for a form to be completed. Thank you for your understanding.

  3. 3. Do you have a wait-list?

    Yes, but being on the wait list does not guarantee an earlier appointment. When a slot opens up due to a cancellation, we contact patients on the wait list to see if they wish to move up their appointment to the earlier time slot. Our automated reminder system might also prompt you to add yourself to the wait list in certain circumstances. You would be notified via text message when a slot becomes available, allowing you to accept the offering or remain on the wait list. 

  4. 4. Do you have additional information on my particular neurological problem?

    More information on some of the conditions our physicians treat can be found here: Neurological Conditions.

  5. 5. Do you have weekend hours?

    With VERY few exceptions, we are NOT open on weekends. Our regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Occassionally we schedule some testing modalities on a Saturday, but we do not have office hours on the weekends.

  6. 6. How do I cancel my appointment?

    Please call the office at 301-562-7200 option 1 for our scheduling team. We also use automated reminders that allow you to cancel appointments directly from the text reminders, and in some circumstances, allows you to add yourself to your doctor's waiting list. Please give us the courtesy of a 24 hour/one business day notification if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, as we have a late cancellation/no show policy. 

  7. 7. How do I obtain prescription refills?

    It's always best to obtain your refills at your follow up office visit. Please review any medications prescribed by your neurologist prior to your scheduled visit so you can tell the doctor if you need a refill. Patients being prescribed medications must be seen once a year at minimum in order to continue being prescribed ANY medication. If it has been more than a year since you've seen your doctor and you need a refill, please contact the office to schedule an appointment. If you require a prescription refill between office visits, it's best to use the Patient Portal to request a refill at your convenience. Alternatively, you can contact us during normal business hours at 301-562-7200, option 1. Please note that our on-call physicians will NEVER refill a prescription for a controlled substance after hours, under any circumstance. 

  8. 8. Is my Neurologist available after hours or over a weekend/holiday?

    If you're experiencing a medical emergency, you should call 911 immediately. The on-call physician can be reached by calling our main number 301-562-7200 after hours. Please note that the on-call physician will NEVER refill a prescription for a controlled substance after hours, under any circumstance. For routine questions or prescription refills, please contact the office during regular business hours. 

  9. 9. What if I want to see another doctor in the practice?
    Here at The Neurology Center, we pride ourselves in upholding continuity of care.  While our doctors do not provide second opinions for established patients seen by a colleague, they will consider a doctor switch when conditions support a reasonable need.  The doctors will review the patient’s chart and if they feel that value will be added to a patient’s treatment plan, they will approve the doctor switch.  Should a request for a doctor switch be declined, the patient always has the option to seek care outside the practice.  If a patient makes the decision to leave our practice due to a switch denial, we will be more than accommodating in supplying medical records to the patient to ensure a smooth transition.
  10. 10. What if my neurologist is out of the office?

    During business hours, our physicians and PAs in the office cover for those physicians who are out of the office. After hours, an on-call physician is available on an emergency basis. Please note that our on-call physicians will NEVER refill a prescription for a controlled substance after hours, under any circumstance. 

  11. 11. What insurance plans do you accept?

    We participate with Medicare and with most of the major carriers in this area. We do not participate with any Medicaid programs. If you have a HMO which requires a referral to a specialist, it is your responsibility to obtain that referral from your doctor and bring it with you to the visit. Please see our listing of participating carriers for more information. It is your responsibility to check your specific benefits with your insurance carrier. 

  12. 12. What is the education and training of the Neurologists in your practice?

    Biographies and curriculum vitae of each of the physicians and PAs are posted here: Meet Our Doctors. Additionally, bios of the practitioners are posted in the waiting rooms of our offices.

  13. 13. What languages, other than English, are spoken within your practice?

    We have physicians that speak the following languages:

    Mandarin Dr. C. Debbie Lin
    Hebrew Dr. Rhanni N.Herzfeld
    Dr. David L.Taragin


  14. 14. What should I bring to my first appointment?

    Please register on our Patient Portal prior to your appointment where you can submit all the necessary pre-appointment forms online. By submitting your intake forms online in advance of your appointment, you help streamline your experience in the office. You can always fill out the paperwork at the office, but be sure to allow plenty of time before your scheduled appointment time to do so. Please bring your insurance ID card, a current photo ID, and any referral or testing order you might have been given by your referring physician. If your insurance requires a referral, it is your responsibility to obtain it and bring it to the visit. Bring a list of any medications you're taking, and the results of any recent testing pertaining to the condition you want the neurologist to evaluate. 

  15. 15. What should I expect during the initial appointment and how long will I be there?

    The consultation visit with the neurologist (if no additional testing is involved) should last 30-60 minutes, on average.  This depends on your chief medical complaint, as well as the complexity of your medical history and other factors.  The actual length of the visit will vary patient by patient.  The neurologist will review your chief complaint, past medical history, family and social history, current listing of medications and allergies.  He/she will give you a physical exam, including a specific neurological exam.  At the conclusion of the visit, the physician may request certain lab or other diagnostic tests to identify or rule out certain diagnoses.  Initial prescriptions or sample medications may be provided.  A follow up visit may be scheduled to review lab and/or test results with you. 

  16. 16. What tests are done at the Neurology Center offices?

    For more information, see our testing and services page.

  17. 17. What will I have to pay at my first appointment? What form of payment do you accept?

    We collect all co-pays and outstanding deductibles at the time of service. If you have Medicare coverage but no secondary coverage, we collect the 20% co-insurance at the time of service. We accept checks (no second party checks) and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). We do NOT accept cash. Thank you for your understanding. 

  18. 18. Why are some patients seen first when I have been waiting longer?

    Each physician has a unique schedule based on his/her needs. Our physicians strive to stay on schedule, but there are occasions where unscheduled, medically urgent patients have to be worked in, or earlier patients have been late, which impacts the best intentioned and compulsive physician's schedule.

  19. 19. Why do you charge no show fees?

    Like many other professionals who set aside time by appointment, we charge no-show fees when an appointment slot is lost due to a patient failing to give timely notice to the practice about the need to cancel or reschedule their appointment. Given 24 hour/one business day advance notice, we can almost always fill the time slot for the physician with someone who needs to be seen. We are here to see patients, try to honor appointment times, and request and appreciate the same courtesy in return. 

  20. 20. With which hospitals are The Neurology Center physicians affiliated?

    Because of changing factors in the healthcare industry, The Neurology Center physicians are no longer affiliated with or cover at any hospital.