Contact Us

Main Phone Number:  301.562.7200

Answering Service:  Evenings, Weekends, Holidays: Call main number.  For medical emergencies call 911. 

Phone Tree for Day Time:  8:30 am-12:30 pm and 1:30 pm-4:30 pm

Main Greeting for day time

Press 0 for Physicians only

Press 1 for Appointments and Prescription Refills*

Press 2 for the Rockville Office

Press 3 for the Wheaton Office

Press 4 for the Chevy Chase Office

Press 5 for the K St Office

Press 6 for the Providence Hospital and Washington Hospital Offices

Press 7 for the Leisureworld Plaza Office

Press 8 for a directory of names and numbers

Press 9 to repeat this menu

Press 0 to reach the receptionist

*Prescription refills may also be done on-line

HIPPA Privacy Officer:

FAX Numbers:

Washington DC offices:

K St 202.429.8957

Providence Hospital 202.526.2335

Washington Hospital Center 202.291.6708

Maryland Offices:

Administrative and Billing Office:
      Administrative 301.565.6771
      Billing 301.565.6772
      Human Resources 301.563.7199
      Collectors 301.562.7232
Chevy Chase Office 301.951.6490
Leisureworld Plaza Office 301.598.5730
Rockville Office 301.424.1565
Wheaton Office 301.946.4150
Mailing Addresses:
  Main Billing:
    P.O. Box 79538
    Baltimore, MD 21279-0538
  Washington DC Offices:
    K St Office:
    University Medical Building
    2141 K St, NW, Suite 503
    Washington, D.C. 200037
    Providence Hospital Office:
    DePaul Building at Providence Hospital
    1160 Varnum Street, NE, Suite 204
    Washington, D.C. 20017
    Washington Hospital Center Office:
    Physicians Office Building South
    106 Irving St, NW, Suite 412 South
    Washington, D.C. 20010
  Maryland Offices:
    Administrative Office:
    Summit Building
    8555 16th Street, Suite 310
    Silver Spring, MD 20910
    Chevy Chase Office:
    Barlow Building
    5454 Wisconsin Ave, suite 1720
    Chevy Chase, MD. 20815
    Leisureworld Plaza Office:
    Leisureworld Plaza Professional Building
    3801 International Drive, Suite 210
    Silver Spring, MD 20906
    Rockville Office:
    Montrose West Building
    1201 Seven Locks Road, Suite 101
    Rockville, MD 20854
    Wheaton Office:
    Westfield North Office Building
    2730 University Blvd, West, Suite 410
    Wheaton, MD 20902